Since 1928, Carolina Container has been a customer-focused manufacturer of quality corrugated products and now we are taking our production, product value, and customer service to the next level with unparalleled innovations in the packaging industry. Carolina Container is changing the perceptions of not only how a “box company” does business, but of manufacturing itself.


What makes us Different ?

We bring to the table a Team approach which brings your project FULL CIRCLE under one house. Other packaging companies out-source many components that their customers need, but not Carolina Container.  Resources connect not only Team personnel to customers and their project, but to all needed Carolina Container production facilities, fulfilling any job requirement – no matter how big or small. We go beyond the old way of doing business and look at the needs of our customers’ customers. We can enhance our customers’ product sales by determining structural design and packaging needs that maximize in-store placement opportunities. This, along with our state of-the-art manufacturing processes make Carolina Container a leader in the industry.