Cutting Dies

 VALUE OF ORDER We believe in the value of order throughout our company which ensures our customers the best possible in service and quality of product.  What Carolina Container has done is start a forward movement with changing misperceptions of the industry processes by putting the necessary resources in place to change each of our facilities into orderly, clean, hi-tech environments. We have invested a lot of time and $$’s in safety, process improvement, and it is fully reflected in our excellent service and products.

Team Collaboration

CONNECTED VALUE – We can dramatically shorten the customers time line from creative development to cash register. Centralized Resources that connect our customers with all the value added services and the production facilities of Carolina Container. Our customers are assigned a Project Manager, Customer Service person, Designer and Artist to their team. Our Digital Printing, Pre-press both Litho and Flexo, Plates and Cutting Dies are centrally located as well which allows CCC to reduce development time and cost. In summary, CONNECTED VALUE = Speed to Market, Increased Sales in the Market, Quality Packaging, Design, Production and Service UNPARALLELED!